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The Jumpstart is a 14-day guided adventure in forming (or reinvigorating) a stress-free daily art- or craft-making practice. Whether you want to take on a full year of daily making, commit to a 100-days project, or even just use this guided adventure as a two-week trial to see how it goes, this course will help get you started.

About Your Instructor

Kim Werker

Kim Werker

Camp Counselor for Grownups

Hello! I'm so excited to meet you in class. I'm Kim, and I'm a writer and craft instructor specializing in helping people try new things and have fun doing it. In my opinion, perfection is totally boring, so in all my classes the main goal is to have fun while trying something new. Every new thing is guaranteed to be totally imperfect – which is exactly how it should be.

A little about my background: I've written six crochet books and also a book about making ugly things on purpose as a way to confront our creative demons, and I teach crochet at Craftsy. In 2014, I started making something every single day, and it's a habit that changed my life (not to be too dramatic about it). I live in Vancouver, BC, where I carve stamps inspired by my family's road-trips, knit and crochet, and read lots and lots.



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The First Three Days

  • List-Making Day
  • Mighty Ugly Day
  • Simple Constraint-Making Day

Use Constraints, Part One: Shapes & Themes

  • Circles Day
  • Squares Day
  • Circles & Squares Day
  • Theme, Part 1
  • Theme, Part 2

Use Constraints, Part Two: Things You Already Make

  • A Time Constraint
  • Focus on Setting
  • Gut-Check Day

And Finally: Setting Up for a Smooth Ride

  • Project Tracking Day
  • Do Your Own Thing Day
  • Hooray Day


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