Stamp Camp

Learn to Carve Your First (and Second, and Fortieth) Stamp!

With clear instruction every step of the way.

Take your very first steps to carve your own, unique stamps in Stamp Camp, with instructor Kim Werker. You’ll learn all about the tools and materials you need, how to plan your design, transfer it onto rubber, carve, ink and use the stamp, before finally learning how to care for your finished stamps.

You’ll learn about different materials (including carving tools, rubber mediums, and inks), and how to ensure you carve the design you really want. 

By the end of this five-lesson class, including 45 minutes of video instruction, you’ll have carved your first stamp, used it successfully, and have all the information and confidence you need to keep carving.


No experience required.

In fact, it's better if you have none!

Carving your own stamps is an incredibly versatile and unique craft. You can start by simply creating small, graphic stamps of simple shapes (perfect for journaling!). Then you can develop your skills and start creating intense and intricate designs that are perfect for cards, craftivism, slogans, or full spreads in an art journal. 


Course Intro


  • Welcome to Stamp Camp! FREE PREVIEW
  • How to Use the Class Platform FREE PREVIEW
  • Let's chat: Why do you want to learn to make stamps?

Lesson 1: Tools & Materials


  • What You Need to Make Stamps FREE PREVIEW
  • Supplies List FREE PREVIEW
  • Optional Tools & Materials
  • Let's chat: Tools & Materials

Lesson 2: Design Your Stamp


  • Sketch Your Design
  • Stamp Templates to Download, Print and Trace
  • Clean Up Your Sketch
  • Transfer the Sketch to Rubber
  • Notes on Sketching, Cleaning Up and Transferring your Sketch
  • Let's chat: Designing Your Stamp

Lesson 3: Start Carving


  • Prepare the Medium and Choose a Carving Blade
  • Avoid Unwanted Marks on Your Stamp
  • Carve the Outline of the Stamp
  • Important Notes About Carving
  • Carve the Body of the Stamp
  • Let's chat: Carving

Lesson 4: Final Carving, Inking and Refining


  • Finish Carving, Ink, and Refine
  • Notes on Carving and Refining Your Stamp
  • Let's chat: Final Carving, Inking, and Refining

Lesson 5: All the Final Details


  • Final Details: How to Clean and Store Your Stamps, & More
  • How to Reassemble Your Carving Tool If It Comes Apart
  • Video: How to Reassemble Your Carving Tool
  • Let's chat: The Final Lesson

BONUS: Halloween Stamp Project

  • Treat Bags, Cards or Banners FREE PREVIEW
  • What You Need FREE PREVIEW
  • PDF – Halloween Stamp Templates to Download FREE PREVIEW
  • Make the Stamp(s) FREE PREVIEW
  • Make the Treat Bags (or Cards or Banners...) FREE PREVIEW
  • Show Off Your Stamps! FREE PREVIEW

About Your Instructor

Kim Werker

Kim Werker

Camp Counselor for Grownups

Hello! I'm so excited to meet you in class. I'm Kim, and I'm a writer and craft instructor specializing in helping people try new things and have fun doing it. In my opinion, perfection is totally boring, so in all my classes the main goal is to have fun while trying something new. Every new thing is guaranteed to be totally imperfect – which is exactly how it should be.

A little about my background: I've written six crochet books and also a book about making ugly things on purpose as a way to confront our creative demons, and I teach crochet at Craftsy. In 2014, I started making something every single day, and it's a habit that changed my life (not to be too dramatic about it). I live in Vancouver, BC, where I carve stamps inspired by my family's road-trips, knit and crochet, and read lots and lots.


Using a carving tool

Designing a stamp

Transferring a sketch to rubber

How to carve safely and efficiently

Using your stamps

Caring for your stamps


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